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Toddler Welcome Guidebook + Pocket Cube

The first order of the Experience Toddler Curriculum  includes a How to Get Started Guidebook and 1 Pocket Cube.

The Toddler Circle time routine will be explained in the Monthly guide book and have suggestions for “touch and talk” opening discussions, songs and stories.

Instead of a “display board” the monthly feature concepts – such as colors and shapes – will have tactile manipulatives included that children can hold, explore and play with throughout the month to reinforce the concepts. Activity cards will give direction on how to introduce and review them throughout the month.

This sensory approach to learning is a more hands-on approach for toddlers than the preschool level circle time board.  Each month we will add on to this collection so that children can see and touch their growing knowledge. The materials are included in the Monthly Teacher Bag with the concept Loose Parts.

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