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Little Goose
Infant/Toddler Lesson Plan Supplement Book

Number of books per month x $18.00
More Math
and More Reading and Writing
Activity Book Set

Number of sets per month x $6.99
Toy Box
Theme-related educational toys, games, and instruments

Number of toy boxes per month x $134.99
Dance'n Beats
DVD & Guidebook

Number of Planners per month
x $19.99
Experience God
Teacher Pack Details

Number of Teacher packs per month x $14.99
Experience God
Child Pack

Number of Child packs per month x $5.00
Experience Baby
Teacher Bundle

Number of Teacher Bundles per month x $43.00
Experience Baby
Child Bundle

Number of Child Bundles per month x $6.00
Experience Baby
Child Bundles

Set of 5 Child Bundles per month x $30.00